Lead Abatement

Lead paint is toxic. At Pro-Tech Environmental, we specialize in abatement (removal) services and have more unique lead abatement projects under our belts than anyone else in the industry. Our entire team of technicians are trained, certified, and licensed to ensure safety and compliance. When you need a trusted source for lead-paint removal and remediation projects, we can help.

Removal with Blasting

When chemical strippers don’t work, blasting is the best solution. Hazardous materials disposal. Blasting allows us to perform the work without potentially having to dispose of hazardous waste.

Safe & Experienced

When it comes to lead abatement, you won’t find anyone more experienced than our team. We handle everything from residential, to commercial and industrial with safety and precision. Providing full-service encapsulation, removal, and disposal.

Public & Private

Pro-Tech has performed lead remediation within federal buildings, hospitals, schools and universities. We have experience in all facets of the public and private sectors.

Suspect Areas for Lead



Windows, Casings, & Trim

Home Exteriors


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Located in Michigan, we are fully licensed and bonded.
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Although you were not working for us on the Ramblewood job, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for Pro-Tech’s efforts on this project. Chris is an outstanding superintendent, that I look forward to working with again in the future. He and his crew did an exceptional job, paying close attention to detail, and coordinated with me as much as possible, even when not required. Working with Pro-Tech on this project was a refreshing change from the norm.

TJ Pake, Project Superintendent
McGraw Construction Inc.