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Pro-Tech's Beginnings

Pro-Tech Environmental, Inc was established in 1991 as an insulation and asbestos abatement company conducting mainly small, time and material, projects for the salt and paper mill companies in Northern Michigan. In 1995, Pro-Tech Environmental, Inc was bought by Mr. Randy Egtvedt, a Project Manager for an insulation contractor with over 15 years of experience at the time, and a couple of silent investors.

In 1996, Mr. Bernie Vlaming, joined Mr. Egtvedt to establish an overall asbestos abatement presence in the State of Michigan. The silent partners were bought out the following year and Pro-Tech sales grew from $150,000 to multi-million dollars per year and the crew size grew from four employees to well over twenty.


Our Approach

Over the past 20 years, Pro-Tech has expanded to become an industry leader in environmental abatement and has performed thousands of projects in Michigan, Tennessee, Indiana, Georgia, and Ohio. Currently, Pro-Tech employs approx. 25 full-time trained and certified employees for lead abatement, mold remediation, sand/water/soda blasting, interior selective demolition, and full structure demolition. During peak times another 50-100 temporary laborers are added depending on work load.


Our Experience

Pro-Tech has a management staff in excess of 30 years in asbestos abatement. Our on-site foreman have an excess of 20 years running abatement projects. Adam Snyder, Project Manager and Senior Estimator, has 10 years in asbestos abatement. Jay Davis, Key Project Superintendent, has 35 years in asbestos abatement. Chris Wireman, lead demolition project superintendent and estimator, has 8 years veteran in demolition. Mr. Jim Baxter, assistant project manager, has 3 years in demolition.

Asbestos Abatement

With advanced equipment, we can take on any asbestos project.

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Mold Remediation

Quick emergency response for indoor air contamination and toxic mold clean up.

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Lead Abatement

We have accomplished more unique lead abatement projects than anyone else in the industry.

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We specialize in commercial and industrial demolition, selective and full structure.

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Media Blasting

We offer a range of blasting, finishing, and restoration services.

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Surface Prep

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