Pro-Tech Environmental, Inc was established in 1991 as an insulation and asbestos abatement company conducting mainly small, time and material, projects for the salt and paper mill companies in Northern Michigan. In 1995, Pro-Tech Environmental, Inc was bought by Mr. Randy Egtvedt, a Project Manager for an insulation contractor with over 15 years of experience at the time, and a couple of silent investors. The new owners concentrated on building-up the insulation side of the company while all along still doing small scale asbestos abatement projects. In 1996, Mr. Bernie Vlaming, with 11 years of asbestos abatement experience at the time, joined Mr. Egtvedt to establish more of an overall asbestos abatement presence in the State of Michigan. Over the next year or so, the two other silent partners were bought out by Mr. Vlaming, who has an Occupational Safety and Health Bachelors Degree from Grand Valley State University and a Masters Degree in Business Management from Aquinas College. Pro-Tech Environmental, Inc sales grew exponentially over the next couple of years, from around $150,000 a year to multi-million dollars per year and the crew size grew from four employees to well over twenty.

     Over the past 17 years, Pro-Tech Environmental, Inc has expanded to become one of the leaders within the environmental abatement field and has become licensed in Michigan, Tennessee, Indiana, Georgia, and Ohio. Pro-Tech has performed  thousands of projects throughout Michigan and the Mid-West. Currently, Pro-Tech Environmental, Inc employs approximately 25 full-time diversified employees with additional training and certifications in almost every facet of environmental clean-up, which includes lead abatement, mold remediation, sand/water/soda blasting, interior selective demolition, and full structure demolition. During the peak summer months, Pro-Tech Environmental, Inc will generally add another 50-100 temporary laborers depending on work load.

     Pro-Tech Environmental, Inc has a management staff that all have in excess of 27 years experience in the asbestos abatement field and the majority of our on-site foreman all have in excess of 15 years of experience running abatement projects. Mr. Adam Snyder, a 7 year veteran in the asbestos abatement and demolition industry, is the Project Manager and Senior Estimator for the company. Mr. Jay Davis is a 32 year veteran in the asbestos abatement industry is our Key Project Superintendent. Mr. Chris Wireman is a 8 year veteran in the demolition industry and is our lead demolition project superintendent and estimates on demolition projects. Mr. Jim Baxter is new to the industry with 1 year of experience in the demolition industry and is an assistant project manager for Pro-Tech.